Vitatrade Branding


Vitatrade is Thailand’s premier supplier of Açaí berry puree for smoothies and salads. The company sources their product from Brazil, selling it through affiliated restaurants across Bangkok and making it available for direct order through their e-shop. Vitatrade contacted us to help them with their branding and asked us to create a corporate identity for their new company. After several meetings with the client we had a clear direction and started working on their logotype, website and visuals to bring it all together, including a lifestyle and product photo shoot to cover their online and social media presence.


Our Brand Manual for Vitatrade was used to introduce and define the main brand elements, including: Keywords, Claim, Brand Equity – Essence, Brand Relevance plus the visual and textual presentation of the brand, setting a clear guideline of what Vitatrade is – and what it is not. The Keywords we’ve selected for the brand centered around aspects based around fun, life, consciousness, passion and quality, making sure the brand was presented as healthy, everyday nourishment and not as a medical supplement.

For the key color scheme we chose a dark purple akin to the colour of Açaí. Secondary colours were selected based on the colouring of the Amazonian Toucan, an animal that fits the brand image and comes from the region where Açaí is born.

For the typography we chose a scribble style handwritten title font that represents the expressions of the brand keywords and a curved, light body font.

The tone of voice used to present Vitatrade on their website and social media accounts was defined based on the branding guidelines mentioned above, as each sentence represent the brand and keeping a consistent image is key. The basic language guidelines kept the tone Fun, Full of Life and Energetic, matching the personalities of Vitatrade’s co-founders. The voice was kept in line with the image of two young, cool guys from the neighbourhood (Vitatrade’s founders), who you look forward to seeing again when they arrive with their next Açaí delivery. Two people who are happy to interact with their customer base, are approachable and a welcome part of the community.

Lastly, the inspiration for the logo type came from Açaí itself: shapes of the berry, leaves, as well as the country of origin: Brazil – and the key associations with the brand defined above: FUN, LIFE. We used negative space to highlight the berries in an Açaí smoothie bowl for a clean, simple and easily recognizable logo. Smoothie bowls are nowadays one of the top choices for health conscious people, urban uploaders and even athletes, and these are Vitatrade’s target audiences. Purple with slight shading was used as the primary color for the logo, which directed the design of the letterhead and business cards.


In order to create a unified online presence for the client, we decided to product a custom product and lifestyle photo shoot, as standard stock visuals would not have worked well for their website and we needed to focus on proper product exposure and a streamlined visual experience.

Find out more about the photo shoot here


For the website we decided to keep the design clean and simple, and let the visuals speak for themselves. We wanted to keep the entire look and feel fluid, playing off the consistency of the Açaí puree, so instead of using hard corners or jagged lines we added curvy section dividers and brushed background elements.

The focus of the website was to drive online sales and create a platform for B2B connection. As an extra feature, we also added a “Recipes” section alongside the more standard “About Us” pages. The color scheme, design and page copy were all based on our initial logotype and tone choices from the brand manual resulting in a website that is easy and fun, just like an Açaí smoothie!

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