Dream Master Case Study


DreamMaster supplies mattresses, bedding and bathroom accessories to five-star hotels and resorts throughout Southeast Asia. We were tasked with photographing their new product range of mattresses and developing their new e-commerce website.


The product images were shot in a large white studio and then composited over various backplates of bedrooms. This was quite a challenge as we had to make sure to keep everything in perspective for the composites without having data on hand regarding focal length, distance to subject and camera height. After some trial and error, we managed to get the perspectives right and proceeded to shoot their entire product range of mattresses.

Lighting the products was quite straightforward, we matched the direction and quality of the key light to the backplates using a variety of reflectors and bouncing the light off the white walls while making sure that the texture and patterns in the fabric were preserved.


We built the client’s new website on WordPress. Key features to include were an e-commerce portal catering to individual and wholesale customers, and a testimonial feature on the homepage highlighting their satisfied customers.

The website’s color scheme was set to match the client’s brand colors and product images were used as banners and for the e-commerce section.