More and more Social Media platforms are increasingly looking to offer advertising options, usually strongly tied to their basic functions – HR-related ads on LinkedIn, visual ads on Instagram, video-based ads on Snapchat etc… The amount of data users willingly submit to the platforms make detailed target group identification possible on a scale that is second to none: geotargeting, behavioural targeting, socio-psychographic targeting and the like.

Social ads are distributed with high precision, and on top, have a “social” layer – they are often brought in context with your peers, increasing their credibility and value. In other words, Social Media advertising is not only a tool to build an audience within the social platforms, such as increasing the number of followers on Instagram or number of Likes, comments and shares of a Facebook post.

It’s also a great tool for driving users to desired point (both online and offline) and can easily compete with tools that are traditionally described as performance marketing channels such as direct e-mailing or Search Engine Marketing.

Bamboo Labs Social Media Advertising Services

We are using Social Media advertising both to deliver content to larger audiences and to increase traffic and drive conversion. In our short history, we have managed purely Social Media-based campaigns to a value exceeding 1.9 million THB.

We are adopting latest innovations available on the Social Media platforms as soon they are available in Thailand: functions related to Facebook Power Editor such as carousel ads, Audiences, Custom Conversions, Standard Events, Sync Facebook Lead Ad, mobile-based ad formats, Canvas, Instagram and Twitter ads…

We can offer Social Media advertising as a standalone service without it having to affect your regular Social Media Management.