Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of advertising based on reactions to user’s search queries. This type of service is known as “pull marketing” – meaning we need a user’s action in order to deliver our client’s message to him/her. SEM provides both a positive and negative solution, it’s very effective at attracting active users, but not effective at pulling passive users. This is the reason why we recommend combining SEM with Social Media Management and Social Media Advertising  – If a user is not aware of your product or service, put simply, they wouldn’t ever search for you.

SEM is, by its nature, one of the most effective marketing tools. When compared to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEM is way broader, quicker and more adaptive. A campaign can include hundreds or thousands of keywords related to your business along with hundreds of ads. SEM campaigns can be instantly turned on a off, limited by time, budget, set goals or results. SEM has a place, generally speaking, in any business or industry.

We provide SEM services globally, with the ability to prepare a high-quality campaigns in English, Thai, Hindi, German, Slovakian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Czech.