The Client

Satira is a Thai cosmetics brand founded in 1999. Their foundation is built on the long Thai tradition of preparing natural skin remedies from local herbs. The word Satira means longevity in Thai, forming the basis of the brand claim “Longevity of Happiness”.

Our task was to secure the Social Media, in particular Facebook, communication for the brand – building an audience, engaging it and responding to its needs and demands. The brand is targeting high-income level customers, expats, and tourists, thus we communicate in both English and Thai. As the cultural backgrounds, experiences and demands of the Thai consumers significantly differ to Western users, our posts are not a direct translation of each other, but separate bi-lingual communication that stresses different product features and addresses different triggers in both audiences.

In our daily work, we focus on maintaining a communication style –in copywriting, visuals, photography, preparing sweepstakes and activities that are in line with Satira’s brand values that we have helped to craft. We create the majority of posted content as the client provides only basic product shots. We regularly activate the audience with sweepstakes that combine online communication with a direct physical action of the user, driving purchase.

In our long-term cooperation with Satira, we have managed to build an engaged audience of over 23,000 fans (average engagement rate of 8%) and over 127,000 users who interact with the brand, are active in our sweepstakes, suggest improvements, submit product reviews and above all, shop in Satira’s outlets and place orders online via Facebook.