We believe that creating interesting and engaging content for a Social Media environment is not only a matter of creativity, but a special discipline in itself. Producing professional content for Social Media requires a certain tempo of production, style of shooting and post-production. In addition, preparing content to fit the way respective platforms work and how users are using it along with the ability to prepare content in a way that can be engaged with and shared.

We are usually responsible for posting 5-7 times per week on our client’s Facebook pages, this equates to around 260 to 365 pieces of content per year. In some cases, we combine this with Instagram or another social platform, and as we don’t want to simply mirror the content, the demands significantly increases. That’s a lot of content!

Combining Social Media Management and Content Marketing allows us to prepare content that ensure we hit our clients message precisely: we can combine visuals with text on a Facebook post or Instagram hashtags; input sweepstake rules and conditions into a video, use winners of such sweepstake as a campaign hero that can serve as a future content.

We have the in-house ability to produce Photography, Video, Design, Copywriting and Website Development.